HCC DPhil student Ulrik Lyngs has been awarded the EPSRC Doctoral Prize, providing additional funding to continue his work on challenges of self-control in relation to digital device use.

The purpose of the Doctoral Prize scheme is to

help retain the best students receiving EPSRC funding in research careers to develop them beyond the end of the PhD to help launch a succesful career in research, and to increase the impact of the PhD in terms of publications, KT [Knowledge Transfer] and outreach.

Under the Doctoral Prize, Ulrik will

  • Continue dissemination of his DPhil work (including at the CHI 2020 conference),
  • Expand collaborations with other research groups (including Human Centered Design & Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, and Google’s Digital Wellbeing team), and
  • Continue collaboration with Oxford University’s Counselling Service on the Reducing Digital Distraction workshops, which provide practical guidance for students who struggle to manage their relationship with digital devices such as smartphones and laptops.