Main Track Papers

‘I Just Want to Hack Myself to Not Get Distracted’: Evaluating Design Interventions for Self-Control on Facebook ( Ulrik Lyngs, Kai Lukoff, Petr Slovak, William Seymour, Helena Webb, Marina Jirotka, Max Van Kleek and Nigel Shadbolt)

Beyond being the world’s largest social network, Facebook is for many also one of its greatest sources of digital distraction. For students, problematic use has been associated with negative effects on academic achievement and general wellbeing. To understand what strategies could help users regain control, we investigated how simple interventions to the Facebook UI affect behaviour and perceived control.

Informing the Design of Privacy-Empowering Tools for the Connected Home (William Seymour, Martin Krämer, Reuben Binns and Max Van Kleek)

Connected devices in the home represent a potentially grave new privacy threat due to their unfettered access to the most personal spaces in people’s lives. Prior work has shown that despite concerns about such devices, people often lack sufficient awareness, understanding, or means of taking effective action. To explore the potential for new tools that support such needs directly we developed Aretha, a privacy assistant technology probe that combines a network disaggregator, personal tutor, and firewall, to empower end-users with both the knowledge and mechanisms to control disclosures from their homes.

Late Breaking Work

Further Exploring Communal Technology Use in the Home (Martin Krämer, Ulrik Lyngs, Helena Webb and Ivan Flechais)

Factoring User Experience into the Security and Privacy Design of Smart Home Devices: A Case Study (George Chalhoub, Ivan Flechais, Norbert Nthala, Ruba Abu-Salma and Elie Tom)


Does Siri Have a Soul? Exploring Voice Assistants Through Shinto Design Fictions (William Seymour and Max Van Kleek)

Student Research Competition and Doctoral Consortium

The UX of Things: Exploring UX Principles to Inform Security and Privacy Design in the Smart Home (George Chalhoub)

A Design Philosophy for Agents in the Smart Home (William Seymour)

Workshops and Workshop Papers

Human-Centered Approaches to Fair and Responsible AI (Min Kyung Lee, Nina Grgić-Hlača, Michael Carl Tschantz, Reuben Binns, Adrian Weller, Michelle Carney and Kori Inkpen)

The ReDD Workshop: A Template for Supporting People in Regaining Control Over Digital Device Use (Ulrik Lyngs, Maureen Freed, Kai Lukoff, Max Van Kleek and Petr Slovak)

Responsibility and Privacy: Caring for a Dependent in a Digital Age (Martin Krämer, William Seymour and Ivan Flechais)